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A quick note from our Artistic Director and Choreographer, Sara Vincent:

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who was able to come see TIME FRAMES, we truly felt so supported by our invested audiences and so honored to have you share your evening/afternoon with us! If you have any thoughts about the show or feedback we would love to hear from you, it’s always so hard to make sure we see everyone after the show, feel free to send your thoughts to mbodydanceco@gmail.com 

So grateful to these amazing dancers and all their hard work!! #timeframes2019 is truly still washing over me but I feel so blessed to have shared the stage with such wonderful dancers, true artists inside and out. Thanks to every one of you… for every ounce of blood, sweat and tears you invested to make my crazy dream of mBody Dance Co’s Season 2 a possibility!! Our mBody Youth Outreach Dancers truly stepped it up this year, couldn’t be more proud! One of our 5 dancers came down with a fever the morning of our show and these kiddos were true professionals, re-spacing and re-choreographing so no one could tell and they nailed it!

And finally Thank you, to everyone who made TIME FRAMES a possibility. From the sets, to programs, to lighting, to composing, videographer, pre-show entertainment, ushers, the whole Lesher Center for the Arts team! My heart is full. We will have videos posted shortly for anyone who wasn’t able to make the show!

Last but not least…stay tuned for news on Season 3! Audition information COMING SOON!!


mBody Dance Company presents TIME FRAMES

Lesher Center of the Arts-Walnut Creek, Ca.

April 5th at 7:15pm

April 6th at 2:15pm and 7:15pm

TIME FRAMES is a night filled with modern dance used to portray different ways we, as humans, perceive TIME through our lives.

How do you process TIME? Through a routine, memories, stories, songs, special events, the weekly hustle and bustle… Come see how mBody will help you find a new perspective!


This is mBody Dance Company’s second season and they are very excited to show you what they have been working on, including introducing our 3 new company members! We have a full evening of dance planned in the intimate space at the Vukasin theatre. 

The first half of the evening includes 5 seperate pieces, one including 5 guest dancers from our Youth Outreach Program. You will have a 15 minute intermission. The second half is all one story, it includes a story from each dancer and how they connect to each other through Time. This is the piece including the actual picture frames you’ve been seeing!

Company Members Include:

  • Sierra Don
  • Kelsey Foraker
  • MaryAnngeline Medenas
  • Mary Katherine Patterson
  • Hailey Yaffee

Youth Outreach Dancers:

  • Neomi Abrahamson
  • Marina Fadelli
  • Abigail Hastings
  • Emme Schulze
  • Giuliana Sorbi

There is a parking garage located next to the Lesher Center of the Arts theatre and plenty of restaurants in the area if you’d like to make an evening out of attending the show. Walnut Creek BART is walking distance or a short (Free) Walnut Creek sponsored bus ride from the Lesher Center of the Arts for travel convenience as well.

Want to help us make our show possible!?


We are preparing for our 2nd show, Time Frames, April 5th at 7:15pm and 6th at 2:15pm & 7:15pm at The Lesher Center Of The Arts, Vukasin Theatre in Walnut Creek. 

This will help us fund the theatre rental, construction supplies for the set, costumes, transportation expenses, printing programs and other promotional expenses. 

We are so grateful for any little bit it truly adds up to making this show more of a possibility. In a world where arts are needed, more than ever, we simply want a way to give back to the community but unfortunately it does have a price tag. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Click here to help us and get more info!! GoFundMe Link


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IT’S OFFICIAL!! We would like to present Time Frames, April 5th & April 6th!! 
Performing at Lesher Center For The Arts, Vukasin Theatre for a second year in a row!! More info coming soon! 


Past Events…


We are so grateful for all the participants that came to the Winter Workshop last month and can’t wait to work with a few of the dancers to have them participate in Time Frames as part of our Youth Outreach Program! 5 of the dancers will get to perform along mBody Dance Co members and see what the process of building a show from scratch and how a modern dance show is a whole new experience!

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mBody’s Winter Workshop 2019

Saturday, January 5th

SAVE THE DATE for this years Winter Workshop – mBody Dance presents a unique opportunity for gifted dancers of middle and high-school age to be immersed in the modern experience by it’s current cast of dancers and creatives who bring their invaluable experience and education (All have BA in dance, 3 with Master’s Degrees) to the youth of our dance community who are kind of spirit and brave of heart and would like to work hard and have fun in the world of mBody! (Last year, several dancers were chosen for a dance that was performed with mBody at their show at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, which mBody reserves the right to do again!)


Information below about what the workshop entails:

  • Each mBody Dancer will teach a different class per hour, from 9am-3pm! From Ballet, to Lyrical, Improv, Contemporary Jazz, Modern, Afro-Brazilian Contemporary, Pilates, Yoga and more!
  • Students will get a chance to take class directly from Bay Area professional dancers, sharing information and movement they wish they knew prior to graduating High School.
  • At the end of the day, dancers will learn mBody Repertory from their upcoming show!
  • To conclude the day, mBody Dance Company will perform repertory and then host a Talk-Back for both the students and parents! questions you may have for us about what we found was helpful or what we wish we would have known prior to College Apps or what you may want to know about life as a professional dancer. Some of us have performed internationally, commercially, others earned a BFA or MFA in Dance, all are current Dance Teachers, some also teach Pilates and Yoga Instructors and have other careers that help complement their love of dance.
  • ALSO!! Each dancer who participates in the Workshop will have a chance to be selected to perform in mBody Dance Company’s next performance this April/May!

Please feel free to email us with any questions: mbodydanceco@gmail.com

Past Events…

Auditions for mBody Dance Company’s 2018-2019 Season

Saturday Nov. 10th, 3-5pm!

  • Looking for 2 dancers (male & female), 18+ years old.
  • Diverse Dancers with Modern Technique, Professional/Performance Experience, Comfortable with Partner-work and Floor-work, and bonus of a variety in different dance styles is welcome!
  • Must be available to rehearse in El Cerrito, Ca(Right by El Cerrito Plaza Bart Station) on Wednesday Mornings 9:30-11:30am OR Saturdays 3-5pm
  • Season 2 Showcase will be April/May 2019!
  • Performance Pay provided.

Auditions will be hosted at Katie’s Dance Studio 

(10311 San Pablo Ave. El Cerrito, 94530)



Email mbodydanceco@gmail.com with any questions you may have regarding the audition or company information!

LA Dance Chronicle’s

Review of SYNTHESIS V:

Click Here To View Full Show’s Review

“mBody Dance Company’s Women of the Canvas took the show in a completely new direction by paralleling three different forms of dance, each presented by one performer—Sierra Rae Kellogg was contemporary dance, Marta Serra did Flamenco and Knudson, covered ballet. Sara Vincent’s choreography was able to weave the three solos together and make them into one cohesive piece. The music (Ulysse) had an exotic flavor which worked well with all three sections. Each featured one of dancers doing a brief, yet mostly emblematic routine underlying key movements from their represented genre. The other two then mimicked a few of the more iconic ones, such as the hip roles and turns in Serra’s Flamenco skirt dancing routine, giving the whole thing the appearance of backup singers supporting a starlet. After each woman had their turn, the trio departed much in the same way they entered—in a single file with short, toe-heel steps that led them off stage. Their piece highlighted one of the aspects SYNTHESIS V felt like it was missing—more diversity.”




August 25th, 8pm & 25th, 5pm

For more information please visit: Fuse Dance Co Upcoming Events or @FuseDanceCo on Instagram and Facebook.

mBody Dance Company was selected to perform at the 5th annual show, SYNTHESIS, out of over 50 applications. We are so very excited to bring our trio “Women Of The Canvas” to Southern California! 

Anyone in Southern, Ca can purchase TICKETS HERE !!!

COME JOIN US for our fundraiser!! A FULL DANCE DAY!

mBody Summer Workshop-Aug 19 (final)

Please select the link below to fill out the REGISTRATION FORM prior to the Workshop. All levels are listed with each class provided. For Pilates and Yoga Mat classes, all levels are welcome, you may bring your own mat or we have mats to provide as well.

This is part of our Youth Outreach Program opportunity!! Any Middle School or High School dancer that participates can be selected to perform with mBody at our next performance of the year!

If you have any other questions please feel free to email: mbodydanceco@gmail.com.



March 23 & 24, 8:15pm, 2018

Click HERE for Ticket Information


Promo Video!

Reserve March 24th & 5th, 8:15pm! Performance held in the Vukasin Theatre at The Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, Ca. Tickets on sale NOW!

Using modern dance to express life through an all encompassing feminine view. The silent strength and vulnerability hidden behind society’s perception of being feminine today.

This is mBody Dance Company’s debut performance in the Bay Area. We have a full evening of 8 pieces with a 15 minute intermission. Our Youth Outreach Program will have a piece in the show as well using participants from this years Winter Workshop. We will also be having a special guest, Kindra Chenier-Gladish, from Southern California performing a solo.

There is a parking garage located next to the theatre and plenty of restaurants in the area if you’d like to make an evening out of attending the show. Walnut Creek BART is walking distance or a short (Free) Walnut Creek sponsored bus ride from the Lesher Center of the Arts for travel convenience as well.

GoFundMe Page

***Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us reach our goal!!***


Donation Link

mBody Dance Company is so excited to host our first performance, Through Feminine Eyes. This full length performance will debut in the Bay Area, home for mBody Dance Company. We’ve booked the theatre and are happy to announce that tickets will go on sale on January 26th!

We are dancers for the love of the art, however as we secure the theatre, purchase the costumes, book the videographer, build the set and promote our show we recognize that financial support is necessary for our first performance as a new company.

Through Feminine Eyes is about using modern dance to express life through an all encompassing feminine view. The silent strength and vulnerability hidden behind society’s perception of being feminine today.

With your help we can spread our story, artistry and passion during a time when our world needs it most. This is our way of giving back to our community and continuing conversations and your help will bring our vision to life!

We would like to thank you for your donation by giving you a discount on your ticket to Through Feminine Eyes, March 23 or 24 at 8:15pm. You will receive a discount code in an email that you can use when you purchase your ticket through Lesher Center of the Arts’s Box Office.

Winter Workshop

mBody Workshop JPG

The mBody Winter Workshop is held at Katie’s Dance Studio, 10311 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, Ca 94530.

Please select the link below to fill out the REGISTRATION FORM prior to the Workshop. All levels are welcome to join, ideally at least 3 years of dance experience for classes after the lunch break. If you have any other questions please feel free to email: mbodydanceco@gmail.com.

Registration Link

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