mBody Youth Outreach Program

One of our main goals is to help give back to the Youth in the Bay Area Community. Giving fuel to their passion for dance and an opportunity to dream up life with dance after graduating High School. What their options are in the Bay Area and beyond.

Using our experience to help guide them to where their passion can serve them best. Helping share with them the knowledge we wish we had at their age from injury prevention to steps to help them live beyond their wildest dreams. Life as an artist isn’t easy but it’s always worth it!

We host an all day Summer and Winter Workshop where young dancers work with local professional dancers and teachers. This opportunity leads to some work study experiences with youth, bringing them to perform alongside company members and build performance experiences we wish we had at their age! Bringing a new light to modern dance and help guide the young creative spirits around us.

SAVE THE DATE!! Our next Youth Outreach Workshop will be January 4th!

Class Schedule:

  • 8am-Yoga Mat, All Levels
  • 9am-Pilates Mat, All Levels
  • 10am-Ballet, Intermediate Level
  • 11am-Contemporary, Int. Level
  • 12pm-Improvisation, All Levels
  • 1:30pm-Gyrokinesis, Int. Level
  • 2:30pm-Jazz, Int. Level
  • 3:15pm-mBody Repertory, Int. Level

CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER and reserve your spot for the workshop!! More info below…

All youth participants will have a chance to be selected to perform in our next show String Attached, February 7-9th at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek.

TIME FRAMES April 5 & 6 2019 Youth Outreach Participants
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