mBody Dance Company is a Modern based dance company established in 2017, located in the Bay Area, under Artistic Director and Choreographer Sara Vincent.

Modern dance is about the artistry of telling a story for the audience to interpret in whatever way their soul chooses to see it. Sara’s intention behind her choreography is that the dancer(s) can embody the story, the movement, the emotion and present it to the audience in a way they can feel the story and dance come to life.

Each dancer will embody; provide a concrete form to express the story or character this world is meant to see. The company members bring their own life experiences, dance technique and personal stories to help them embody the choreography, bringing it to life with their individual voice and beauty.

These dancers were selected to perform in our dance show TIME FRAMES this season!

One of our main goals is to help give back to the Youth in the Bay Area Community. Giving fuel to their passion for dance and an opportunity to dream up life with dance after graduating High School. What their options are in the Bay Area and beyond. More information under or Youth Tab!

So grateful for all of your support this season with TIME FRAMES! We will post videos shortly!!